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Northampton and District Mind's area of operations is Northampton, Daventry, and South Northants. Some services are provided at every location, others are locality specific (see individual service links on the right for more information).

In Northampton we have two resource centres, one at Anchor House, Regents Square, the other at Wellington Street. Anchor House is also the location of our central offices and provides the base for our young people's services and the Learning Hub. Brackley, Daventry and Towcester Minds are subsidiaries of Northampton and District Mind and work to promote and support good mental health in their localities.

All of our services are underpinned by a value-base of promoting social inclusion and individual development, progression and recovery to aid individuals to live independently and stay well in their own communities. Current services aimed to achieve this include:

Community Access/Social Inclusion Services
Located in Northampton, Daventry, Brackley and Towcester, all of our Community Access Services provide a combination of 1-1 support, groupwork, and Peer Support aimed to help people develop self-management strategies for coping with their mental health problem. They also provide opportunities for people to participate in various recreational activities, educational groups, and to develop social networks.

People eligible to access these services may be in receipt of a Direct Payment or a Personal Budget as part of a Self-Directed Support (SDS) package of care. Where this is the case there will be a charge attached to accessing the service but this can be negotiated and planned with a member of staff through our Support Brokerage Service (see below).

Support Brokerage Service
Self Directed Support (SDS) is the name given to a way of redesigning the social care system so that the people who access services can take much greater control over them. Direct payments and personal budgets give people who use social care services the opportunity to control the resources allocated to their support. Northampton and District Mind offers a range of services to support people to achieve the outcomes that they have identified that they believe will foster good mental health. Individuals can pick from a 'menu' of services, or they can plan a bespoke package of care with one of our staff.

Our support brokerage service aims to help individuals to find out about what is available and think about the advantages and disadvantages of the different choices available, from their personal point of view. We can also provide some or all of the assistance in running a budget, as well as information and guidance to develop a support plan and negotiate funding.

Route 97
Located in Northampton, Route 97 provides a casework service for young people aged 16 – 25 who have a mental health problem and complex social needs. The service also provides in-reach services to schools and secure units for young people.

Route 97 The Link
Located in Daventry, it provides a weekly group for young people aged 16-19 who experience a severe or enduring mental health problem and aims to provide emotional and practical support to assist people to access educational, employment or training opportunities.

Mind Navigator Service
A prevention/early intervention service that aims to identify people at risk and to halt or slow down any deterioration. The service actively seeks to improve the situation of individuals through the provision of planned and structured activities for up to 12 weeks. The service is available at all service locations.

Moulton Monday Club
Is a self-help group located in the village of Moulton. Facilitated by a volunteer, the group meets on a weekly basis and provides a mutual support network for people living in the Moulton area.

Information Shop
Located at Anchor House, Northampton, the Information Shop is a fully stocked resource offering information and guidance on all aspects of mental health. There are a vast number of leaflets and brochures produced by agencies including Mind, the Mental Health Foundation, and Northampton County Council, and a CAB data base available to access information. For more information about mental health go to www.mind.org.uk

The Learning Hub
Provides learning opportunities for students, other professionals, schools and business. It delivers training packages, (both bespoke to individual organisational needs and 'off the peg'), on all aspects of mental health and well-being. It also provides placements for student social workers, nurses and allied occupations.

Many people offer their time and skills to support the work of Northampton & District Mind. All volunteers are given training, support and paid travel expenses etc. as appropriate. For some people volunteering at Mind is a way for them to gain practical experience in mental health work to assist their career development, while for others it is the personal reward gained from supporting people with a mental health problem.

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